How to use Sleek’s Face Contour Kit

So, you wonder how to use Sleek’s Face Contour Kit? Let me tell you, and give you some great make up tips. The product contains two parts, one darker bronzer for creating contours and the illusion of depth in your face shape, and one highlighter that will help to catch and reflect the light in a flattering way.

Basically, contouring means highlighting the high points of the face and darkening the low points, resulting in a sculpted look that simulates perfect bone structure. Depending on how you contour, the kit can give you defined cheekbones, and bone structure, a slimmer nose or just a healthy highlighted glow.

To begin with, I recommend that you use one of Sleek’s foundations to even out your skin tone. Great foundations are New Skin Revive or Crème to Powder Foundation.

After that put the bronzer on the low points of your face, illustrated in the above picture with the darker contour areas. These areas are the hollows of your cheeks, your jawline, and the area along your hairline. Make a fishface in the mirror. Where your cheeks are sucked in is where you want to apply the powder (directly under your natural cheekbones). Sweep it forward from ear to under the apple of your cheek. Then, dab a bit along your temple, from your hairline to the arch of your brow.  Finish by sweeping it along the underside of your jawline and under your chin. Blend all bronzing powder thoroughly.

After that, contour the high points of the face. The aim of this is for these areas to stand out and rise by catching and reflecting the light. You put the highlights on your cheek bones, brow bones, and down the bridge of your nose. If you want to emphasize your mouth, you can also put some highlight above the center of your upper lip (shown in the photo).

Follow up the Contouring with Sleek’s Blush to bring some colour and life to your cheekbones.

Atsoko sells Sleek’s Face Contour Kit in the three shades light, medium and dark.